Country Club Village



What are you planning?

RGF is proposing to develop the Board of Trade Golf Course site for residential uses. The proposed redevelopment will enhance the local neighbourhood, bringing in a new supply of high-end, contemporary family homes. Future residents will experience access to a thriving local community, in close proximity to excellent schools, businesses, and recreational opportunities. This proposal will unlock many opportunities for the community, including increased high-quality housing supply and expanded recreational uses. As well as green space for public use.

What is the timing for this project?

RGF is currently in the conceptual phase of planning for the proposed development. We had our pre-application consultation with the City of Vaughan on July 12, 2017 and the Official Plan Amendment Application has been submitted to City of Vaughan on January 8, 2018. We are still in the preliminary stages of the development process.

Who are you working with?

RGF recognizes the importance of careful and thoughtful planning during the development process. We have hired a skilled team of project consultants who have the expertise in community and environmental planning necessary to make this project a success. In addition to our consulting team, RGF values its relationship with the local community and is committed to working collaboratively with you throughout this process.

How can I participate in the process?

We believe that multiple voices make for a better proposal and we invite all community members to participate in the process. We aim to engage meaningfully with our neighbours and conduct an open and transparent process. If you would like to leave a question or comment please CLICK HERE. We will also be updating our website regularly as the development progresses, so make sure to check back regularly for project updates.